Fairfield ND - Frankie Delaine & The Frankie Delaine Band
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Fairfield, ND 58627, U.S.A.

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Joe & Jane:

Good news for all Joes & Janes out there. Some people will try to tell you that you have a price and that you're only worth the money you can get. And seriously, they say this in a context where everyone tries to get everything as cheap as possible. Not so with Frankie Delaine. He has made some magic gold just for you, gold and magic they can't touch or take away from you. FD believes, and so does The Frankie Delaine Band, that a person is worth so much more than his or hers wallet and that personal value cannot be priced. A composer like Aaron Copland would have understood my point of view. He gave the world his Fanfare for the Common Man. Now you've got FD's Joe & Jane too. "Fantastic music," "awesome" and "incredible lead guitar" are comments we've already gotten used to hear when talking about FD and his music, but don't forget that there's a man behind the music, and not only will FD reply that music must have a heart, a beat and a pulse, surely he will also remind us of the fact that unless that precious heart of yours beats for someone or something, emptiness will be the consequence. (Average) Joe & (Plain) Jane is not just music. It's FD's vision of a true voice for the common people, and he turned that voice into something unique and very special, the voice we all deserve and can be proud of.
. . . Charlie Putano . . .

New Single Completed - A Better Place:

This is truly an extraordinary and beautiful piece of music elegantly combining jazz style elements with tasty blues and heartbreaking rock. Due to its clear-cut hit potential it will not be released publicly on this site (or any other site for that matter).

Yet Another Frankie Delaine Single - You Never Know ('bout those Prairie Girls):

What can we say? FD did it again. He picked up his guitar, turned the power on and took his horse for a ride. Not a wild one as we expected, but a surprisingly beautiful one though. The kind of stuff you just know you like - almost immediately, and before you can think of it your heart starts humming along too. 

Prairie Pothole Call - The Frankie Delaine Ringtone:

The Prairie Pothole Call is Frankie Delaine's first official ringtone. It's a hardcore cigar box guitar riff meaning that it can actually be played on the original one-string cigar box guitar, thus using extreme restrictions to produce creative brilliance and authenticity. The recorded version however, is performed on a six-string acoustic guitar for better resonance and superb sound quality. Due to the extensive use of rhythmic syncopation and systematic bends, it's certainly not the kind of mass-produced ringtone music you usually get to hear these days, on the contrary. Simply put, it has something else and very special: soul. This is a ringtone for cool people and you can get it for free. It's available as a 320 kbps mp3 or mp4 file. All you have to do is complete the Contact Information form and we'll issue a personal license for you plus send you the necessary download data, not because we're interested in your personal data, but because we want to protect our hard work from robots and ringtone sites. It's our property, not theirs.